Now stocking Garage and Gate Remotes.

Savage Locksmiths are pleased to announce we now have in stock a range of Garage and Gate remotes.

As a company we are always trying to keep our customers happy with a wide range of services. Due to a high demand from our clients we now have in stock a range of remotes, both genuine and an after market product. We have consulted with our supplier on which remotes are most in demand, we now have these in stock. If by chance we don’t have your specific remote we can always order it in for you.

Whether you are a home owner who has lost your remote, had it stolen or the buttons have worn out and your remote no longer works you can book in a service call and we will come to you delete old remotes and program a new remote for you.

Property managers, as busy as you are we can make your life easier. Many of the properties you manage will have Garage Doors and/or Automatic Gates. When a new tenant takes occupancy of one of these properties, you take inventory of all of the keys and garage remotes required that make up part of the security for the property. Remote controls gone missing? You don’t have time to go driving around town trying to find which remote you need. Give Savage Locksmiths a call and let us help you out.

If you need a replacement garage door remote whether it be a genuine product or you want to save a few dollars with an after market product, book in a service call on 0413 318 906 and let us help you out.

Stay safe and secure



Secure your home, 6 point security check.

If you want to secure your home but don’t know where to start. You can take our 6 point security check, have a look around your home to see if you are satisfied with what you have got and if you are happy it is going to keep you, your loved ones and your personal valuables safe and secure.

If you are unsure about even one thing or just need peace of mind, we at Savage Locksmiths are more than happy to come to you and give a FREE quote on any upgrades required.

1. Secure Your Doors.  Installing Deadlocks on all of your exterior doors helps to secure your home in two ways. Firstly, they can help reduce the ability of an intruder forcing the door open to gain entry. Secondly, if an intruder has broken into your home via a smashed/broken window they are unable to exit through your doors because they are deadlocked and have to go back out through the same broken window.

2. Secure Your Windows.  Protect your windows with good quality Window locks. There are many different varieties of window locks available to suit most window styles. The majority of modern homes are often fitted with lockable window locks which are made from plastic. It is a good idea to fit a more resilient style of window lock to help prevent break-ins by forcing these windows.

3. Lock Your Gates.  A fair amount of  break-ins occur at the rear of the house where intruders can not be seen from everyday street traffic. Locking your gate can be one of the more effective and deterring  methods of protecting your home and property but it is often the most over looked. By installing a quality Gate lock you are able to lock or unlock your gate from either side and control who enters your backyard.

4. Change Your Locks Immediately.  Have you just moved into a new house? Has one of the kids lost a key somewhere? Can’t find that spare key that was outside under the rock? Have you had a handbag stolen from your car?  Who knows how many keys have been cut over the years by the previous tenant/owner and who has a copy? By having your locks Re-keyed you can be sure that you are the only person to have the keys to your home. You may also consider having the convenience of one key by having all you locks keyed alike.

5. Secure Your Valuables.  By installing a Home safe you can keep your irreplaceable memories, documents and valuables secure. It is important to fasten your safe to the ground, preferably bolted to the concrete floor, to avoid the safe being carried away by any potential  intruders. There are many types of safes to choose from, you can read our blog, Do you need a home safe? for more information. We recommend that before purchasing your safe you consider what it is that you want to keep in it as well as the level of protection you may require.

6. Secure Your Spare Key.  So you are organised that you don’t lock yourself out of the house with a hidden spare key. Instead of hiding your spare key in the letterbox or under rock in the garden, install a good quality Key safe to store your spare key. The Key safe can be securely attached to an external wall or secure post and it’s combination lock provides security and easy access in a matter of urgency.

Take the time to check your home is secure before it is to late. If you need help or assistance we are just a phone call away on 0413318906.

Stay safe and secure


Reasons to rekey locks

When you think about rekeying the locks in your home, it probably sounds like to much hassle. But there are a number of times where a homeowner who does not stop to at least rekey locks in the home is taking a big risk with the safety and security of their family.

  • After a move. One of the first things to do when you move to a new home is rekey locks throughout the house. If you are moving from one apartment to another, make sure that your landlord takes care of rekeying the locks. Over time, any number of copies of the key to your home could have been made.
  • When keys are lost. It’s best to be prepared for any situation when keys are lost and to always ensure the security at your home is always on your mind. You would be best not to assume that nothing unfortunate will happen with a lost key, even though that’s probably the case.
  • After a break-in. Even if a door was forced or a window was used to gain entrance, this is a good time to rekey locks in your home. Having a locksmith or someone else show up at your home to work on the doors is a good sign for neighbors and others to see. Obviously, this is much more important if the burglary didn’t involve forcible entry. In that case, the likeliest scenarios are a picked lock, a key or the door wasn’t locked in the first place.
  • Passage of time. It’s also a good idea to rekey locks every 5 years. Over time, it’s easy to forget about who has keys and how many keys have been lost or misplaced. Five years is plenty of time for people to have chances to copy the keys to your home. Most keys are made of brass and wear out over time, if your locks are sticking rekeying them and starting with a new set of keys will more than likely be a simple solution to this problem.

Why Rekey Locks Instead of Replacing Locks?
Both choices accomplish the goal of enhancing security in your home by creating a new key. However, for many situations that call for a new key, a homeowner could decide to replace the entire lockset instead of just removing the lock to make a new key. If money is an issue, then rekey locks in most cases – replacing locks will cost more. But if the lock is defective, or you want to upgrade the type of lock protecting your home, the best choice is to replace the locks.

Stay safe and secure


Do you need a home safe?

A Home safe can be an important investment for homeowners with expensive jewelry, rare coins, important documents or other hard-to-replace items.

Do you need a home safe? Before you can answer that question, make a list of your valuables  and all the items that need to be protected. Your checklist should include jewelry, cash, heirlooms, coin and other valuable collections, insurance documents and wills, passports, cameras and back up hard drives. List only those items that you want to keep extra safe and secure. Now think how much trouble it would be to replace these items or how heartbroken you would be if your great grandmothers jewelry were stolen. Can you afford not to  have these items secure?

A really good safe will cost from $500 to $2,500 depending on the size and features offered. If all your valuables are worth more than $10,000, you should seriously consider purchasing a quality safe to store your treasures.

If you decide that you do need a safe, where should you go to buy it and what should you look for? Most people would consult a locksmith. As a locksmith we know the difference between a cheap no good tin box and a quality safe that will keep your valuables protected.

So if your in the market for a quality safe give Savage Locksmiths a call and we can help with advice on a quality product to suit your needs.

Stay safe and secure


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