Do you need a home safe?

A Home safe can be an important investment for homeowners with expensive jewelry, rare coins, important documents or other hard-to-replace items.

Do you need a home safe? Before you can answer that question, make a list of your valuables  and all the items that need to be protected. Your checklist should include jewelry, cash, heirlooms, coin and other valuable collections, insurance documents and wills, passports, cameras and back up hard drives. List only those items that you want to keep extra safe and secure. Now think how much trouble it would be to replace these items or how heartbroken you would be if your great grandmothers jewelry were stolen. Can you afford not to  have these items secure?

A really good safe will cost from $500 to $2,500 depending on the size and features offered. If all your valuables are worth more than $10,000, you should seriously consider purchasing a quality safe to store your treasures.

If you decide that you do need a safe, where should you go to buy it and what should you look for? Most people would consult a locksmith. As a locksmith we know the difference between a cheap no good tin box and a quality safe that will keep your valuables protected.

So if your in the market for a quality safe give Savage Locksmiths a call and we can help with advice on a quality product to suit your needs.

Stay safe and secure


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