Restricted Key Systems

Have you considered upgrading your current standard key system? Whether you want to restrict staff going into certain ares of your premises, or you need to control the amount of keys that are being handed out and to whom. There are many benefits in upgrading to restricted key systems.

  • Security. One of the biggest advantages with a restricted key system is a higher level of security offered and quite simple, in comparison to other systems. Though there are many different types of security systems that can be put into place, a restricted key system is one of the best options out there.
  • Restricted copies. This is your company and you want to make sure people aren’t going out making spare keys that you don’t know about. With a restricted  key system keys are cut and recorded only with an authorised signature given to the Locksmith who has installed the system. If for an unfortunate reason staff leave or are let go, you will know if you get their key back they haven’t copied your key and will return after hours without you knowing.
  • Restricted Access. Often, certain staff members will only be allowed to access particular areas in a premises, meaning staff members have to carry many different keys. With the use of a restricted key system, this is a much easier situation. Your staff personal records can be kept private and your store room will be secure.
  • Pick resistant. Another issue you can have with standard key cylinders is that the locks can be easily picked. With a restricted key system, it is designed to be pick resistant and makes picking the locks much more difficult, and therefore maximises security for the business.

If you are considering upgrading your businesses security, or wish to add another layer of security for your premises, a restricted key system installation would be highly recommended.

Stay safe and secure



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